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Job Type:

Industry: Administrative

Company: 33 USA Inc.

Position Summary

The Interpreter is responsible for providing accurate and efficient interpretation services for various business activities at 33 USA Inc. This includes interpreting during meetings, conferences, and other company events. The role requires fluency in both English and Japanese, as well as strong communication and interpersonal skills.


Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities:


– Provide oral interpretation services in English and Japanese for meetings, conferences, and other business activities

– Ensure accurate and timely interpretation, capturing the essence of the speaker’s message

– Maintain professionalism and confidentiality while interpreting

Language Support:

– Assist with written translation tasks as needed, including documents and correspondence

– Review and proofread translated materials to ensure accuracy

Communication & Collaboration:

– Communicate effectively with both English-speaking and Japanese-speaking colleagues and clients

– Collaborate with cross-functional teams to support interpretation needs

Professional Development:

– Stay updated with industry-specific terminology and best practices in interpretation

– Continuously improve language skills and cultural understanding through self-study and professional development opportunities

Education and Experience Requirements:


– Bachelor’s degree in interpretation, language studies, or related field

– Proven experience as an interpreter, preferably in a professional setting

– Fluency in English and Japanese, with exceptional verbal and written communication skills in both languages


– Certification or formal training in interpretation

– Experience in the entertainment industry or related field

– Commitment to Japanese Animation

Desired Skills and Abilities:

– Strong interpersonal and communication skills

– Ability to work well under pressure and meet tight deadlines

– Flexibility and adaptability to changing situations

– Cultural sensitivity and awareness


A number of programs cover all employees in the manner prescribed by law. Additionally, 33 USA Inc. provides several Company-designated benefit programs.

  • Health Care Plan (Medical, Dental & Vision)
  • Paid Time Off (Vacation, Sick & Public Holidays)
  • Family Leave (Maternity, Paternity)
  • Work From Home
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