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Minimum USD Salary: 77,640
Maximum USD Salary: 97,788

Industry: Government

Company: Urban League of Portland

The Police Department is currently accepting applications for lateral police officers. Applicants must possess a Basic Police Certification from the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) or the equivalent from another state. The Lateral Police Officer position is covered under the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement. The Police Department will review applications every two to three weeks and will conduct ORPAT testing along with panel, executive staff and background investigator interviews during comprehensive two (2) to three (3) day sessions. Specific dates will be determined at the end of each two-to-three-week review cycle.

All Lateral applicants will be required to complete ORPAT or provide documentation of having completed ORPAT within the last 12 months. Documentation must include the date of the test, completion time, and be on letterhead of the agency that conducted the test. Out of state Lateral applicants must have completed training resulting in the award of certification in the discipline you are applying for

For reference, please follow this link to the DPSST Certification Guide .

General Descri p tion of Duties
A professional, sworn position that performs law enforcement and crime prevention work including patrol and investigation; apprehension of criminals, preservation of peace and protection of life and property; enforces Federal, State and local laws; practices the principles of Community Policing; does related work as required.

This position falls under the general classification of Police Officer. Full Classification details can be found here : Police Officer

Examples of Essential Work

1. Patrols assigned geographical areas in the City by car, motorcycle, bicycle, or on foot to aid in preventing crime and to enforce Federal, State, and City laws and municipal codes.

2. Observes, reports, and acts on conditions conducive to crime and danger, such as checking buildings for security; observing residences, schools, banks and vacant areas; checking suspicious persons and vehicles. Issues citations, makes arrests or takes other action as warranted by circumstances.

3. Reports traffic hazards and directs pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow when necessary. Disburses unruly crowds at public gatherings. Enforces vehicle operation and parking regulations; issues warning or notice of traffic infraction as appropriate.

4. Responds to emergency calls; determines the nature of a call, investigates the circumstances, and takes any necessary and prudent action. May call for assistance or superior officers if necessary.

5. Takes command at the scene of a crime or accident; administers first aid and requests medical service as necessary; takes statements and interviews victims and witnesses; examines situation; records vital information regarding causes and circumstances.

6. Performs on-site tests and interrogations of individuals suspected of intoxication. When further testing is warranted, escorts suspect to Department headquarters and conducts intoxilyzer analysis or other applicable tests. Prepares records and reports per departmental procedure.

7. As required, physically detains law violators or those who may be resisting arrest; activity may require physically subduing person(s), moving through heavy underbrush and trees, jumping fences, and climbing onto or into buildings. Activity may require using deadly force to protect self or others.

8. Conducts investigation assignments of suspected illegal activity or follow-up investigations of criminal cases. May also conduct specialized investigations. Conducts interviews of victims, witnesses and suspects. Collects and documents evidence and requests lab analysis as appropriate. Submits progress reports on cases under investigation. Attempts to link crime with others of a similar nature.

9. Performs stake-outs or undercover operations to obtain sufficient evidence to prosecute or identify participants perpetrating a crime.

10. Prepares all forms and reports necessary to file felony and/or misdemeanor charges. Prepares criminal cases for prosecution with either the City or County Prosecutor. Interacts with prosecutors, attorneys, and court officials; testifies in court as required.

11. Performs community liaison activities; educates the public about crime prevention. Provides general information on laws and ordinances; explains process of filing a formal complaint, the extent of police patrols, and alternatives available to citizens. Directs citizens to appropriate authorities as necessary.

12. Serves and enforces civil processes issued by the courts to include restraining orders, orders for protection, no contact orders, anti-harassment orders, and subpoenas. Serves arrest and search warrants.

13. Prepares and writes a variety of reports and records, such as reports on crimes, arrests, property impounded, accidents, offenses, damages to property, results of investigations, affidavits, search warrants and operations orders.

14. May use computer; telecommunications equipment.

Acceptable Experience and Training

High school diploma or equivalent, (for example, psychology, social service, customer service) that demonstrates desired knowledge, skills and abilities; OR Any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience that provides the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the work will be considered.

Additional Information

Here’s a snapshot of just a few of our amazing benefits:

  • City of Hillsboro pays police union employee’s 6% PERS Pick-up;
  • Seniority after twelve (12) continuous months of employment;
  • Eighty (80) hour sick leave bank effective first day of employment with the City of Hillsboro. No additional leave will be granted to newly hired Lateral Officers until after their 10th month of employment at which time sick leave will be accrued at eight (8) hours per month;
  • Lateral Officer shall accrue vacation using the accrual matrix set forth and is based on total years of previous experience as a full-time sworn police officer at another (or other) law enforcement agency (or agencies) plus time served at Hillsboro Police Department. To receive this benefit, the Officer must have at least three (3) consecutive years as a full-time sworn Police Officer.

Years of Service

  • 6-60 months (1/2 – 5 years)
    12 hours/month
  • 61-120 months (5 – 10 years)
    14 hours/month
  • 121-180 months (10 – 15 years)
    16 hours/month
  • 181-240 months (15 – 20 years)
    16.66 hours/month
  • Over 240 months
    18.33 hours/month
  • Beginning Salary: The City of Hillsboro has the discretion to offer lateral hires coming from law enforcement agencies within 50% or more of the population base of the City of Hillsboro, who have served at least three (3) years as a police officer immediately before being hired as a lateral hire police officer for the City of Hillsboro, the equivalent salary step as if they had worked for the City of Hillsboro for the same period of time as their previous law enforcement agency.
  • Hillsboro Police Department offers DPPST incentives: 8% to sworn officers who hold an advanced DPSST police officer certificate and who have attained Step C of the police Officer salary range and 4% to sworn officers who hold an intermediate DPSST police officer certificate and who attained Step C of the police officer salary range. Advanced and Intermediate incentives are not cumulative.
  • Hillsboro Police Department offers Bi-Lingual Pay: Employees who are qualified by the department as bi-lingual in English and Spanish or Japanese, or a language spoken by over ten percent (10%) of City residents as documented by the most recent U.S. Census will receive a monthly premium of five percent (5%) of their regular base pay.
  • Hillsboro Police Department offers Special Assignment Pay: Employees assigned to the following assignments will receive five percent (5%) of their base salary: Motorcycle Officers, Police Training Officers, Dogmasters/Dog Handlers, Investigators and School Resources Officers.
  • Employees in the bargaining unit shall accrue time off for holidays, at the rate of 9.33 hours per month, for a total of 112 hours per year.
  • Insurance coverage begins the 1st of each month.
    Necessary Special Requirements:
  • Be at least 21 years of age by the date of appointment;
  • Possess or be able to obtain a valid State of Oregon Driver’s License;
  • Have a safe driving record;
  • Be a United States citizen at time of appointment;
  • Be able to possess a Basic certificate from the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) within 12 months of employment;
  • Be in good physical and mental health as determined by a medical and psychological examination;
  • Must pass an extensive background investigation and be free of felony conviction

For full benefits details and view of the HPOA contract click here


The following standards have been adopted by the Hillsboro Police Department as AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFIERS from a police department hiring process.
Additional information related to the items listed below or otherwise discovered through subsequent investigation may also disqualify a candidate.

1. Operation of a Motor Vehicle
Ability to possess a valid Oregon Driver’s License. Ability to drive safely. Ability
to control a motor vehicle at high speeds. Ability to operate a motor vehicle in all
types of weather conditions.
A. Receipt of two or more moving violations within three years prior to application
may be disqualifying depending on the nature of the violations. A moving
violation for which there is a factual finding of innocence shall not be included.
B. Involvement as a driver in two or more chargeable collisions within three
years prior to date of application shall be disqualifying.
C. Conviction of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs within three
years prior to application shall be disqualifying.
D. Suspension of a driver’s license once within the past three years shall be

2. Integrity
Refusing to yield to temptation of bribes, gratuities, payoff, etc. Refusing to tolerate
unethical or illegal conduct on the part of other law enforcement personnel. Showing
strong moral character and integrity in dealing with the public. Being honest in
dealing with the public.
A. Any material misstatement of fact or significant admission or omission during
the application or background process shall be disqualifying.

3. Credibility as a Witness in a Court of Law
Ability to give testimony in a court of law without being subject to impeachment due
to his/her character for honesty or veracity or due to prior felony conviction.
A. Conviction of two or more misdemeanor offenses under Oregon Law as an
adult shall be disqualifying.
B. Conviction of any offense classified as a misdemeanor under Oregon Law while
employed as a Police Officer shall be disqualifying.
C. Commission of any act while employed as a Police Officer involving
untruthfulness, falsification of any official report or document, or theft shall be
D. All male U.S. citizens and male aliens born after 1960 and residing in the United
States who are 18 through 25 years of age are REQUIRED to register with the
Selective Service. Failure to have registered is an automatic disqualifier.

4. Dependability
A. Missing any scheduled appointment during the hiring process without prior
permission shall be disqualifying.
B. Having been disciplined by any employer as an adult for abuse of leave, gross
insubordination, dereliction of duty or persistent failure to follow established
policies and regulations shall be disqualifying.
C. Having been involuntarily dismissed (for reasons other than lay-off) from two or
more employers as an adult shall be disqualifying.

5. Illegal Use or Possession of Drugs
The following types of illegal drug use or possession will be considered automatic
disqualification in the pre-employment selection process for police personnel,
with no exceptions:
A. Any adult use or possession of a drug classified as a hallucinogenic within five
years prior to application for employment shall be disqualifying. Any other
illegal drug use within the last five years shall be disqualifying.

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