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Industry: Product Management

Company: BoostDraft

Overview of this position

You will be the first product manager in the North America region. We have a growing number of customers in the US and Canada, while currently, most of our software engineers are based in the Asian region. You will be responsible for understanding the customer’s needs in the US, managing the software engineering team to refine existing products and to develop new products.

About BoostDraftBoostDraft is a software engineering company that develops IDE for documents. It was founded by MIT and Stanford grad students, developing an assisted document editor for documents. It is a new document editor that employs error checking, reference checking and auto-completion using both rule-based approach and NLP, like what coding editors/IDE (e.g. VSCode, Pycharm) do.

Demo is in the pitch deck

Background & TractionWe are currently focusing on Lawyers who draft relatively standardized but long documents, such as contracts. With only two years after our product launch, we already have more than 7,500 active paid users. We have several long-term, large-scale contracts with famed enterprises and law firms. As a result, we have been highly profitable from Day 1 and experienced exponential growth without outside funding at all.

Join our Engineering-First TeamAt BoostDraft, we prioritize quality over quantity. As an engineering-first company. Around 70% of our team members are software engineers with extensive experiences from companies such as Microsoft, IBM, HTC, Yahoo!, and R&D in NTT. Our CEO, Yohei, who has proven experience in both Software Engineering and Business management, has built an organization that values and empowers software engineers.

Why BoostDraft?Join a company that values innovation, research, and organic growth.
At BoostDraft, we offer:

  • Extensive Opportunities for extending our software : Similar to VS Code, our software has multiple opportunities in adjacent area, such as Version management, Comparison, Extension, and integration with other software
  • Focus on R&D for new technology: We heavily focus on research for knowledge extraction leveraging user data
  • An Engineering-first approach: The CEO is also a software engineer and over 70% of members are software engineers. We believe in empowering our engineers and providing them with the resources they need to succeed.
  • Rapid organic growth : We have experienced 300% revenue growth, are profitable, and have achieved this without outside investment. All of our revenue is coming from referrals by users, no marketing efforts

Notable AchievementsBoostDraft was accepted by prestigious accelerator program:

  • MassChallenge (Top 30 US accelerator)
  • StartX (Stanford Accelerator, 7% acceptance rate)
  • MIT Sandbox (Accelerator of Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Technical Challenges We Solve

  • Performance improvement using both partial analysis and full analysis
  • Synchronization between user input and on-memory text
  • Cache efficiency to increase highlight performance during/after user input
  • Security preserving Natural Language Processing, such as Federated Learning

What’s your challengesAs a Product Manager at BoostDraft, you will be responsible for managing the development and launch of new features.

  • Work with cross-functional teams to launch features
  • Dive deep into data to understand key opportunities and customer pain points
  • Define a roadmap of high impact growth features
  • Develop clear business and product requirements



    • Logical thinking: Ability to organize complex problems and potential solutions; Break down the big issue into small pieces
    • User understanding: Ability to understand user needs and ask right questions to users
    • Product Management Experience: 3+ years of Product management experience in software product
    • Leadership: Show clear vision and motivate team members all the time
    • Excellent communication: Ability to pick up high priority issue and report effectively in English
    • Entrepreneurship mindset: Strong ownership and mindset to do everything what is missing
    • Technical understanding: Experience in statistical typed language coding
    • Collaboration with APAC: Ability to work closely in APAC team, including shifted schedule
    • Workflow development: Experience to create a work process from scracth

Language Requirement

  • Proficiency in English for effective communication (must-have)
  • Proficiency in Japanese for effective communication (nice-to-have)

Academic Background

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field


  • Proficiency with legal technology is advantageous.
  • Previous experience working in a startup environment


A lot of learning opportunities

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