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Company: BoostDraft

Who we are:

BoostDraft is a software engineering company that develops IDE for documents. It was founded by MIT and Stanford grad students, developing an assisted document editor for documents. It is a new document editor that employs error checking, reference checking and auto-completion using both rule-based approach and NLP, like what coding editors/IDE (e.g. VSCode, Pycharm) do.

We are currently focusing on Lawyers who draft relatively standardized but long documents, such as contracts. With only one year after our product launch, we already have more than 7,500 active paid users which has largely been fueled by word-of-mouth referrals. We have several long-term, large-scale contracts with famed enterprises and law firms. As a result, we have been highly profitable from Day 1 and experienced exponential growth without outside funding at all.

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Join our engineering-first team:

At BoostDraft, we prioritize quality over quantity. As an engineering-first company. Around 70% of our team members are software engineers with extensive experiences from companies such as Microsoft, IBM, HTC, Yahoo!, and R&D in NTT. Our CEO, Yohei, who has proven experience in both Software Engineering and Business management, and has built an organization that values and empowers software engineers.

Why BoostDraft needs you:

As we expand into the US market, we’ve received encouraging feedback from American legal professionals. Nonetheless, it’s important to acknowledge that there are nuanced differences between the Japanese and US markets that we’re navigating. While we have gradually and steadily expanded our presence in the US without investing in marketing thus far, we’re now ready to elevate our efforts to the next level. To achieve this, we seek the expertise of a seasoned software engineer.

Technical challenges we solve:

  • Performance improvement using both partial analysis and full analysis
  • Synchronization between user input and on-memory text
  • Cache efficiency to increase highlight performance t during/after user input
  • Security preserving Natural Language Processing, such as Federated Learning

What’re your challenges:

As a C# Software Engineer at BoostDraft, you will be tackling challenging technical problems, including:

  • Design and implement classes and methods for IDE for documents
  • Refactor existing code for better extensibility
  • Interview with our users to understand their daily work and pain points
  • Propose both innovative ideas and feasible ideas to achieve unprecedented features


Required Skills and Experiences –

  • Experience in working at an early-stage start-up
  • Interested in developing novel document editors
  • Fluent in coding with C#
  • Believe in beauty of writing clean, efficient code
  • Have experience with Github
  • Understand the concept of CI/CD
  • Master’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science or related field


Why you should join BoostDraft:

  • Great learning opportunities await as you work closely with the founders and exceptional team members from one of the world’s top companies.
  • Experience working in a diverse, highly international environment, collaborating with individuals from regions including the US, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, China, and others.
  • Engage in numerous opportunities to interact with industry leaders who are dedicated to delivering products that offer an exceptional user experience.
  • Embrace total freedom with our fully remote setup, ensuring you have the flexibility to define and manage your work-life balance effortlessly.
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