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Job Type:
Minimum USD Salary: 57,500
Maximum USD Salary: 89,818

Industry: Teacher

Company: Norfolk Public School District

Exempt; 7.33 Hours/Day; 200 Days/Year; 10 Months/Year

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree with a Major in a target foreign language.
  • Tuberculin Skin Test certifying that the individual is free of contagious tuberculosis.
  • Eligible for, or in possession of, appropriate Virginia Teaching Certificate.
  • Above average amount of walking, bending, standing, stooping and lifting in a classroom environment and laboratories.
  • Work involves exposure to normal everyday hazards.
  • Work is performed in classroom, and requires no unusual demands.
  • In depth knowledge of the subject(s) to be taught.
  • Ability to communicate in Foreign Language at the advanced level, based on the ACTFL (American Council on Teaching Foreign Language) oral proficiency guidelines.
  • Demonstrate considerable knowledge of the principles and methodologies of effective teaching.
  • Ability to deliver articulate oral presentations and written reports and effectively interact with pupils, other teachers, administrators and classified employees.
  • Knowledge of techniques, activities and strategies appropriate for teaching foreign language in secondary schools.

Nature of Position

  • This is specialized teaching work performed in a classroom. An employee in this class is responsible for teaching Foreign Language (to include either French, Spanish, Latin, German, Japanese or Russian). The teacher motivates each pupil to develop competence and knowledge in comprehending, speaking, reading, and writing a foreign language in accordance with pupil’s ability; to interpret to pupils the culture of the countries where foreign language is spoken; to discover and develop special talents of pupils in foreign language communication.
  • The teacher is responsible directly to the principal or designee.
  • Teaches skills and knowledge in foreign language instruction to secondary pupils, utilizing course of study adopted by appropriate authorities. Modern Foreign Language teachers teach oral comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Align instructions with Foreign Language SOL’s.
  • Develops lesson plans and supplemental materials compatible with the basic instructional philosophy.
  • Provides learning experiences which develop the basic communication skills, utilizing tape recorders and other electronic equipment as appropriate.
  • Provides individual or small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil.
  • Instructs pupils in safe operation of electronic equipment used in language instruction. Makes minor adjustments and requests repairs as needed.
  • Develops pupil understanding and appreciation of the cultures of countries where foreign language is spoken.
  • Establishes and maintains standards of pupil behavior for an orderly, productive learning environment.
  • Evaluates each pupil’s growth in oral comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing the foreign language in relationship to the levels being taught.
  • Selects and requests books, instructional aids, and instructional supplies; maintains required inventory records.
  • Maintains professional competence through inservice educational activities provided by the district and/or self selected professional growth activities.
  • Identifies pupils’ needs, and cooperates with other professional staff members in helping pupils solve health, attitude, and learning problems.
  • Participates in curriculum and other developmental programs.
  • Communicates with parents and school counselors on pupil progress.
  • Supervises pupils in out-of-classroom activities during the assigned work day.
  • Participates in faculty committees and sponsorship of student activities such as foreign language clubs, etc.
  • Participates cooperatively with the principal or designee to develop the method by which he/she will be evaluated in conformance with district guidelines.
  • In addition to instructional duties, he/she will maintain professional standards; serve on committees to advise on nonacademic affairs as school discipline, honors, awards, assemblies; and, participate in local and national foreign language clubs, teaching and civic associations.
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