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Nihongo Jobs is a job board that showcases jobs in the United States that need or desire Japanese language and/or business cultural skills.

This job board is a “self-service” platform where employers and recruiters can post their job ads quickly and easily, and job seekers can search for their preferred opportunities. These job ads are then shared on social media and in newsletters, and interested job seekers can apply for the job directly with the employer.

This job board is managed by Ikigai Connections, a website run by Kasia (カーシャ). Learn more here:


Nihongo Jobs について

Nihongo Jobsとは、日本語やビジネス文化の知識を必要とするアメリカでの求人広告を紹介する求人ボードです。


この求人ボードは、Ikigai Connections 社が運営しています。詳しくはこちらです:

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