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Promote your job ad to a niche group of candidates in the USA with Japanese language/cultural skills... and get applicants within 30 days.

Are you a company owner, hiring manager, or recruiter?

Do you need talent with Japanese and English language and/or cultural skills?

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Nihongo Jobs is a specialized job board that fills a gap between:

How Does It Work?

Take a look at all of the social media channels and newsletter back issues to see how job ads are promoted: LinkedIn (company), LinkedIn (personal), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, weekly job seeker newsletter, and weekly LinkedIn newsletter.

Get Applicants With Japanese Language and Cultural Skills


15-Day Featured Job Ad

  • Immediate job board posting
  • Immediate social media posting
  • Posting in 2 Tuesday LinkedIn newsletters
  • Posting in 2 Thursday job seeker newsletters
  • Reminder social media post before expiration
  • Applications go direct to a URL or email
  • Basic analytics for views, impressions and clicks
  • Bulk option: buy 5 for $549 (save $96)

30-Day Featured Job Ad

  • Immediate job board posting
  • Immediate social media posting
  • Special mid-month graphic on social media
  • Posting in 4 Tuesday LinkedIn newsletters
  • Posting in 4 Thursday job seeker newsletters
  • Reminder social media post before expiration
  • Applications go direct to a URL or email
  • Basic analytics for views, impressions and clicks
  • Bulk option: buy 5 for $999 (save $246)


Please read the Terms of Use before purchasing.

Try one 15-day or one 30-day job ad for 25% off! (Use coupon code “nihongo”)

Additional Services

Employee Training

On-demand & live online trainings for employees with Japanese language/ cultural skills.

Promote Your Company

Get your content in front of Ikigai Connections followers.

Bilingual Interviews

Get support in gauging your candidate's level of Japanese.

Photo of Kasia from Ikigai Connections

My name is Kasia, and I am a solopreneur who supports you like a digital “bridge” by promoting your job ad to my niche group of followers. (I am not a recruiter.) 

Please contact me regarding any customer service support or questions, and I will reply within 1-2 business days.

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“Finding Candidates With Japanese Language and/or Cultural Skills in the US”

Recruiting professionals in the US searching for Japanese “bilingual” candidates! Watch this webinar to:

  • learn what JLPT, BJT, JET, and MEXT on resumes mean,
  • improve your job descriptions,
  • learn why to specify Japanese language requirements,
  • understand the benefits of Japanese cultural experiences, and
  • to reach an untapped audience of job seekers you are overlooking.


Due to the increasing number of followers, it is not possible to get to know each individual on a personal level and complete resume reviews, interviews, or background checks. Candidates that are interested in your job ad apply directly to you without going through Nihongo Jobs or Ikigai Connections. The fee structure also differs; instead of a salary percentage, employers pay a one-time fee to post a job ad.

There is no guarantee how many candidates will apply nor that you will hire someone from the applicants. The goal of this job board is to connect employers with a very niche audience of candidates who have Japanese and English language and/or cultural skills.

Nihongo Jobs/Ikigai Connections followers include native and non-native Japanese job seekers who are looking for a job in the US. The latter, in particular, are an untapped resource called Kakehashi employees. Read more about who these Kakehashi are and why their international experience and willingness to learn make them great candidates for your organization (without visa worries).

By providing quality content via social media and speaking engagements. It is a small but mighty group that has grown organically without advertising since August 2018. Take a look at the social media profiles (below in footer) to see how your job ad would look like.

After registering as an employer, follow the prompts to complete your profile, job ad, and payment. 

Your job ad will be immediately posted on the Nihongo Jobs job board, show up on the Nihongo Jobs homepage, and get posted to all social media accounts. Interested candidates will be directed to apply via your company’s particular URL or email address.

No, each job ad is for a one-time purchase of either the 15-day or the 30-day duration. There will be no additional charge to your credit card. If you would like to extend an expired job ad for another 15- or 30-day duration, you may log into your profile, view your Job Dashboard, select the particular job ad, and “relist” the ad. When you do so, you will be prompted to purchase that for a 15- or 30-day duration.

Nihongo Jobs does not provide advice on this topic, but you may research on Ziprecruiter for your specific geographic region and the job role. Alternatively, please reach out to Ken Sakai at Pacific Dreams.

You may use the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Upon payment, you will immediately receive a receipt via email. If you receive the receipt and find that you would prefer a more detailed invoice/statement, please reply to that email with your request.

Please note that bank payments via invoice are unfortunately not offered for two reasons. First, most customers purchase one-off job ads, and the credit card payment works in line with the instantaneous job ad posting on the job board and on the social media channels. Second, Ikigai Connections is a one-woman entrepreneurial company, and it helps greatly to receive guaranteed payment instead of having to wait 1-3 months for payment of services already rendered. However, bank payments may be an option in the future for bulk package purchases with customers who have an established relationship with Ikigai Connections. 

No, the job posting policy requires that each job listing advertises only one job role. The job ad title will be added to the job ad URL, so making changes during the 15- or 30-day duration will cause issues with the analytics and who visits your job ad. If you do log in to change to a different job, please note that the URL will not be changed to reflect the new job title. Also, social media promotion is only applicable to the first job ad you post within your job ad.

By default, your job ad will automatically expire at the end of 15 or 30 days. However, if you would like to stop showing your job ad because it was filled or removed, you may do so by logging in to your dashboard and selecting “mark filled.” The job ad will continue to show for the duration of your job ad, but it will show as “expired.”

Yes, occasionally there are job ads for Japan domestic locations, and the Ikigai Connections followers do indicate interest and/or share with their friends in Japan. However, please note that the website SEO (search engine optimization) and social media messaging for all Nihongo Jobs postings are based around the United States location. Also, the job board indicates currency in USD and visa questions related to the US, so please clarify in the job description how your Japan-based job ad handles salaries/rates and visas. If you would like to post your job ad on a job board specifically dedicated to Japan, please review the Japan Resource page for some recruiter/job board suggestions:

The website SEO (search engine optimization) and social media postings are not created for this purpose. However, you are welcome to purchase a job ad to see if any candidates apply, especially if your job ad has a connection with the US. You may also view some country-specific resource pages to see if a recruiter or job board exists in your desired country: 

Individual Job Ads and Bulk Job Ad Packages are not eligible for a refund after 24 hours of purchase. As stated in the Terms of Use, Ikigai Connections does not guarantee that the services will result in applications being received. For more details, please read the Refund policy.

Basic analytics allow you to view your job ad’s views, impressions, and clicks. You can learn more via the May 2024 employer newsletter.

"The average cost-per-hire for employers in the US is $4,000."

Get a high return on investment via a low-cost, one-time payment:

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